Word from OVC President

The more things change… the more they stay the same. Here we are entering our 14th season and our mission appears to be more relevant than ever! As a Founding Member of One Voice Chorus, I am simply amazed how we have grown as an organization. Through our growth, we have had to look at rebranding One Voice – and we during this process, we actually considered changing the mission to sound more inclusive. However, with the events that are continually “grabbing” the headlines, it is clear that our focus on racial reconciliation does NOT mean we ONLY care about issues of race. We care about issues of acceptance of people as people, on all lives being equally valued, and on ensuring people, regardless of race, color, creed or who they love, are treated equitably. Using the “universal language” of music – that language that is appreciated by all – we will enter another season that will seek to share the best of who we are with the best of everyone. And as we enter a season of what can only be described as political mayhem, I look forward to our efforts helping to bring people together… and hopefully, maybe in some small way, it will encourage people to make good, sound political decisions this fall.